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Your MunchkinMenus cookbook is fantastic!!!  I tried your Easy Cheesy Chicken last night and it was a hit!  I couldn't believe daughter loved it (and so did my husband)!  I made some chicken rice with it and she ate that too - I am so excited.
 ~ Kari (Lincoln Park, MI) 

These look WONDERFUL!!! I can't wait to get the stuff to start making them!! What a great thing you are doing, I really appreciate it! I'll let you know how they turn out!!!
I'll be back!!!
 ~Sarah (Burlington, IA)

I had to tell you I was in a bind for dinner last night so I got out your cookbook and made the potatoes and hot dog recipe...the kids LOVED it.  I made 2 packages and there were no leftovers.
Great Job!
  ~Rebecca (Toledo, OH)

Munchkin Menus have made cooking for my toddler less stressful. I no longer have to worry that my toddler is eating healthy. Nutritious and Fast...Perfect for our busy schedule!  Now we both enjoy meal time! 
  ~ Melissa (
Macomb, MI)

I have to tell everyone that I purchased the e-book yesterday. Last night we tried the mushroom soup meatballs [page 35] over pasta.... it was yuuuummmmmyyy!! Tonight I am making the Creamy Rice [page 43] to go with our steak and garden fresh carrots! [is it dinner time yet? I'm hungry!]  Granola is on the top of my grocery list for those Granola Banana snacks [page 54]. ohhh Nathan is going to love that sticky tasty mess! [the snack isn't messy, but my Nathan is...LOL]
Thanks for taking the work out of meal planning and being creative with simple healthy dishes! Happy Cooking... and even happier eating!!
  ~ Lisa (Alberta, Canada)
I just wanted to take a minute to say thanks.  This cookbook is incredible! I love it! I just received my copy yesterday and I have picked out 1/2 the book that I want to try already! Thanks!
  ~ Tammy Dobbs (Ontario, Canada)

Wow!  Thank you very much!  I love it.  You've saved me so much time.  I think I'll assign my daughter to picking out the menus, making the list and helping me with the shopping.
   ~ Melissa (Laurel, MD)

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