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Independent Associate Agreement

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Independent Associate Agreement


Please copy and paste this agreement into an email, fill out all information and email it to Once complete, please return to our website and purchase your starter kit.


Last Name_________________________   First_______________________  MI___




City_______________________________  State__________________  Zip__________


Home Phone____________________________________


Email Address_______________________________________




The information in the above application is complete and true.  I hereby apply to MunchkinMenus as an Independent Associate for the referral rewards program.  I am at least 18 years of age and a legal U.S. Citizen or resident.


As an Independent Associate, I understand that I am not an employee of MunchkinMenus and that I am provided no guarantee of income of wages.  Any income derived through my association with MunchkinMenus will be based solely upon my own efforts to sell and market the MunchkinMenus ‘n More cookbook to customers.


I agree to be responsible for payment of all applicable State and Federal taxes.  I agree to comply with all Federal, State, and local rules and regulations pertaining to Independent Associates.


I agree to promote and sell MunchkinMenus ‘n More by personally conducting community events (street & local fairs), expos, Internet, and personal sales. 


I understand that I can sell products side by side with other companies, however I also understand that I cannot purchase MunchkinMenus ‘n More under a different company name.  I also understand that MunchkinMenus ‘n More may not be reproduced or copies in whole or in part in any way at any time. 


I understand that I cannot sell or distribute MunchkinMenus associates’ personal information to other direct sellers, persons or companies.  Doing so will result in immediate termination.


I agree to purchase one of the required starter kits and payment will be received by MunchkinMenus before the starter kit is shipped. If I choose to leave MunchkinMenus, I will notify Shelly Howard via email at and at the time the email is sent I will no longer receive commissions, even if there are pending orders.  I understand that all pending orders will be shipped to the customer by MunchkinMenus. 


MunchkinMenus is not responsible for any costs its associates incur including promotion, advertising, website hosting or any other costs.  The amount of money spent, if any, is the sole responsibility of the associate.


Anything you put on your website regarding MunchkinMenus or its products, must receive permission from MunchkinMenus to ensure the correct use of pictures, logos, etc. You may not establish a website for the sole purpose of selling MunchkinMenus ‘n More.  You may however, add sales aids to your existing website – personal or commercial.


I understand that the cookbook must be sold for $9.95 plus $3.00 shipping unless otherwise noted by special sales.  Selling the book for any price other than that listed above will result in my immediate termination.


If I cancel a pending order at any time or for any reason, the payment will be returned to the customer and I will not receive commission for the sale.  Furthermore, in canceling a pending order, I will be responsible for any fees (including Paypal) incurred by the cancellation.  Orders may not be canceled once they are shipped.


I understand that this agreement is binding to me as an Independent Associate and agree to abide by the policies of MunchkinMenus.  Any misrepresentation of MunchkinMenus, its products or services, is subject to immediate termination.


I may cancel this agreement within 10 working days of the date that the starter kit is delivered to my mailing address or email address.  No refunds will be given.  Nor will MunchkinMenus reimburse any associate for the starter kit.



(by typing your name, you are agreeing to the above agreement as if you had actually signed the agreement)



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