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Making Good on a Home business Is A Demanding Job

written by Katherine Reynolds Lewis, Newhouse News Service
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August 22, 2004


MunchkinMenus Offers New Electronic Cookbook Filled with Simple Kid Pleasing Recipes the Whole Family Will Love

CLINTON TOWNSHIP, MI—When her two-year-old son began to refuse the foods she cooked… foods he had been eating for several months… work-at-home mom (WAHM), Shelly Howard sought a solution. After looking through her pantry, she realized that it looked like “processed food heaven,” filled with all manner of pre-packaged foods.

“I also realized that I was making a separate dinner for my son because he wouldn't eat what I fixed anymore,” Howard states. “He used to eat anything—chicken, fish, steak, pork. It didn't matter. He liked it all. But somewhere around his second birthday, he changed.” Determined not to have a picky eater, this young mom set about trying new recipes almost nightly. “Now he's back on track,” she states, ”and—thank goodness!— eats most veggies and other things that are good for him again.”

Wanting to share her simple solutions for kid-pleasing meals with other moms, Shelly has compiled about 100 of her son’s favorite recipes, along with those from other women who have faced similar situations with their own children. The downloadable electronic cookbook was released last week to the joy of several mothers who had been eagerly awaiting its publication.

“I’ve found it helps to let my son assist with dinner, too. He feels a sense of pride when dinner is served and he’s able to tell his dad, ‘I helped,’” says Howard, who started her business July 2004. She also lets him choose one vegetable or other food on every visit to the grocery store. “I then cook a meal around that food and we talk about the color, the taste, and the recipes we could make with it. This helps him behave in the grocery store, too, because he’s involved in the whole process.” Her creativity and ingenuity are incorporated throughout the new e-cookbook as well as her entire business, MunchkinMenus.

She smiles and adds, “This has worked so well in my case that my son even asks me when he wakes up from his nap what I'm making for dinner.” That’s certainly not the norm for children his age.

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