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Representative Agreement

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Copy & paste into an email to:  Please note: The $5 joining fee must be paid within 30 days or your application will expire.

Kat’s Coffees & More

Independent Representative Agreement

Last Name________________________  First________________________   MI ___


City ____________________________  State _______________ Zip ___________

Home Phone __________________________

Other Phone  _____________________

Email Address _________________________

Fax Number ______________________

Sponsors Name   Shelly Howard______________________

Sponsors ID Number _0769____________

If you have no sponsor, how did you hear about Kat's? _______________________________________________________

The information in the above application is complete and true.  I hereby apply to Kat’s Coffees & More as an Independent Representative. I am at least 18 years of age and a legal U.S. Citizen or resident.


As an Independent Representative I understand that I am not an employee of Kat’s Coffees & More and that I am provided no guarantee of income or wages.  Any income derived through my association with Kat’s Coffees & More will be based solely upon my own efforts to sell and market the products to customers.

I agree to be responsible for payment of all applicable State and Federal taxes.  I agree to comply with all Federal, State and local rules and regulations pertaining to Independent Representatives.


I agree to promote and sell Kat’s Coffees & More products by personally conducting Home Shows, community events (street and local fairs), catalog shows, stores, Internet and personal sales.    I will honor with respect and represent loyalty to the company and other Representatives by not taking away customers from another Representative unless pursued by the customer herself or himself.


I understand that I can sell products side by side with other companies, however I also understand that I cannot purchase products from Kat's Coffees & More and sell them under a different company name. 


I understand that I cannot sell or distribute Kat’s Coffees & More consultants’ personal information to other direct sellers, persons or companies.  Doing so will result in immediate termination.


I agree to not contact or purchase from the suppliers of Kat's Coffees & More.  Doing so will result in immediate termination.


I agree to purchase the minimum quarterly order of $25.  I understand this can be 1 or more orders for customer or personal use.  If I fail to do this, I understand I may be removed from the company as a consultant.


If I choose to leave Kat’s Coffees & More, I understand that all pending orders will be cancelled and refunded with a 15% cancellation fee.  I understand if I cancel a pending order, this will also result in a 15% restocking fee and could lead to termination as a consultant.


I understand that this agreement is binding to me as an independent representative, and agree to abide by the policies of Kat’s Coffees & More.  Any misrepresentation of Kat’s Coffees & More products or services is subject to immediate termination. 

I may cancel this agreement within 10 working days of the date that the representative kit is delivered to my mailing address. A full refund for any paper products purchased can be obtained by returning all unused products in resalable condition.  There are no refunds for food products purchased.


Signature______________________ (by typing your name here, you are agreeing that it is upholding just as if you had actually signed the document.


Date _________________________

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