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Sausage Cacciatore Recipe
easy dinner recipe
From the MunchkinMenus 'n More Cookbook

Our custom menu planning service is beneficial for:

  •    parents who have a busy schedule
  •   working moms
  •   children who are consistently eating the same foods with no variety
  •   anyone who wants to save time & money
  •   people who want to cut down on take out consumption but aren't sure where to begin with meal planning
  •   moms & dads with little time to prepare meals
  •   families running out of easy, delicious dinner ideas the whole family will enjoy

These look WONDERFUL!!! I can't wait to get the stuff to start making them!! What a great thing you are doing, I really appreciate it! I'll let you know how they turn out!!!
I'll be back!!!
 ~Sarah (Burlington, IA)

Let us help you by providing a custom menu plan for your family.  Simply click on the link below and you will fill out a short questionnaire about your family’s eating habits.  By providing us with answers to some key questions, we will be able to create a detailed menu plan with a wide variety of tasty recipes for you and your family.  Our dinner menu plans include a main dish, side dish, and a vegetable.  It usually takes about 2-3 days.


* Please note that MunchkinMenus staff are not registered dieticians and are unable to work with those who are on restricted diets for medical reasons.

Munchkin Menus have made cooking for my toddler less stressful. I no longer have to worry that my toddler is eating healthy. Nutritious and Fast...Perfect for our busy schedule!  Now we both enjoy meal time! 
  ~ Melissa (
Macomb, MI)

How does MunchkinMenus differ from other menu planning services?

Many other services offer a weekly menu with recipes and a grocery list.  Unfortunately, their menus are the same for each customer and they will not customize any menus for you.  MunchkinMenus tailors your custom menu plans to your eating and cooking habits. 


Other services offer menu planning in combination with a personal chef service where someone comes into your house, prepares the meals, packages them, and puts them in the freezer for you to eat whenever you want.  However, hiring a personal chef can cost you anywhere from $200 - $800 just for one week’s worth of meals.  MunchkinMenus is the closest thing to having your own personal chef offering you custom menus tailored to the needs of your family without the high prices of a personal chef. 


Whatever your situation, let us help you simplify your life by creating custom menu plans that are sure to please even the pickiest eaters!


Our custom menu planning pricing options recognize your need to save your money. Our 30 day plan is about the same as 1 take out dinner.  Making your family dinner allows you to save money on restaurant expenses AND YOU get to take the credit for making wonderful dinners for your family. Give us a try today!

Wow!  Thank you very much!  I love it.  You've saved me so much time.  I think I'll assign my daughter to picking out the menus, making the list and helping me with the shopping.
   ~ Melissa (Laurel, MD)

10 custom menu plans    $12
20 custom menu plans    $18
30 custom menu plans    $22  (best value)

Please fill out our custom menu planning
questionnaire to get started!

Enter Your Name:
Enter Your email address:
How did you hear about MunchkinMenus?:
How many members are in your family & what are their ages?

Is any member of your family allergic to any foods?

Does anyone in your family have any dietary restrictions due to health?

What foods do your children eat most?

What foods do your children not eat at all?

Are there any foods you do not want to see on your custom menu plan?

Any additional comments/suggestions?

10 custom menus ~ $12.00

20 custom menus ~ $18.00

30 custom menus ~ $22.00

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