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Become A Kat's Coffees Consultant

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Only $5 to join our consultant team!

Please read the following information to learn more about the consultant opportunity available through Kat's Coffees & More. 

If you would like to become a consultant, please click here to fill out the representative agreement.  Use Shelly Howard and consultant ID #0769 on the agreement. 

Join today and enjoy the benefits of being a Kat's Coffees & More Consultant!

  • 25% commissions
  • No stock necessary - orders can ship directly to your customer
  • Low quarterly order - only $50
  • Over 500 items to choose from - there's something for everyone!

Commission and Recruiting


Your commission is 25%. You keep your commission right at the sale. The customer pays you directly, then you pay Kat's Coffees & More minus your percentage. I accept checks, money orders, payments through or visa or MasterCard.  Your customers will need to pay you by check, cash or money order unless you have a way from them to pay you by credit card. You will also gain $25 in commission credit once your recruit places their first regular order (starter kits do not count as a regular order).

You will earn commission credit towards product on your downlines regular sales:

1st downline = 5%

2nd downline = 3%

3rd downline = 1%

You will get an email each month to let you know how much commission credit you have earned.  You can use the credit towards an order whenever you want.  Please note, no commission will ever be paid on your recruits sales- it can only be used as a credit on one of your future orders.  So if your next order should cost $25 and you have $20 in commission credit, you will only pay $5.  It doesn't make sense to give Kat $25 and her pay you back $20.  Keep the $20 at the time you place your order.


Star Recruiters and Sellers


Each month, the consultant with the highest sales receives a top seller pin. The pin has 5 hooks to hook a coffee bean on. Each coffee bean represents 1 month. Once a consultant has been the top seller for 6 months (doesn't have to be consecutive), not only will they have an impressive pin with 5 beans hanging from it, but they will promote to Star Seller and will receive a 30% commission on all orders versus the normal 25%. They will also receive the extra 10% off on in stock item orders making those orders 40%. Once a consultant reaches this status, they will no longer be eligible to receive the awards each month in order to allow for other consultants to reach this level, however, they will be recognized for their sales.
Each month, the consultant with the highest number of recruits receives a top recruiter pin. The pin has 5 hooks to hook a coffee bean on. Each coffee bean represents 1 month. Once a consultant has been the top recruiter for 6 months (doesn't have to be consecutive) or recruits 25 or more consultants, not only will they have an impressive pin with 5 beans hanging from it, but they will promote to Star Recruiter. Each star recruiter will receive $30 in commission credit for each new recruit versus the regular $25 commission credit. If a consultant obtains 25 personal recruits, they will be removed from their upline and become a separate group. Once a consultant reaches star recruiter, they will no longer be eligible to receive the awards each month in order to allow for other consultants to reach this level, however, they will be recognized for their recruiting.

Quarterly Order Requirement


In order to stay active as a consultant, you are required to purchase $25 of product at your 25% commission (starter kits, birthday kits, party kits, sale items at 40% commission and discontinued items do not count) once quarterly (every 3 months).  This can be a single or multiple orders for personal use or customer orders..

Starter Kit


The start up fee is $5.  This covers the administrative fees of adding you to the website, consultants group, chat group and providing you with your consultant number.

You will choose your own paperwork kit which will be shipped with your product order.  If you choose to have the paperwork shipped first, you will need to pay the shipping for the paperwork separately.  Our main catalog is 40 each; our Master Catalog (3 hole punched with guidelines in the back) is $1.25 each and order forms are 11 each.   All catalogs are available in the files of the consultants group for those who wish to print their own.  You can use the company order forms or you can use the order form booklets that can be purchased at stationary/office/other stores.  There are also various paperwork/promotional products available through  and

You have 2 options to choose from for products for a starter kit and will have 1 month to choose the option which is right for you.

Option 1: You choose your own product for 40% off - no minimum or limit.

Option 2: You can choose one of the following 3 kits.  These are based on what I have in stock.  If a category is out of stock, something of the same retail value will be substituted.

Kit 1

1 flavored perfect pot, 1 straight/blend perfect pot, 1 blended iced coffee, 1 10ct tea bag, 1 single serve cocoa, 1 single serve chai, 1 blend, 1 honey/jam/jelly, 1 dry mix $20.00 - includes shipping

Kit 2

2 flavored perfect pots, 2 straight/blend perfect pots, 1 4oz flavored coffee, 2 blended iced coffee, 2 10ct tea bags, 2 single serve cocoas, 2 single serve chai, 2 blends, 1 honey, 1 mini syrup, 1 jam/jelly, 2 dry mixes $43.00 - includes shipping

Kit 3

3 flavored perfect pots, 3 straight/blend perfect pots, 1 4oz flavored coffee, 1 8oz flavored coffee, 3 blended iced coffee, 3 10ct tea bags, 3 single serve cocoas, 3 single serve chai, 3 blends, 1 honey, 1 mini syrup, 1 jam/jelly, 1 dressing/sauce, 3 dry mixes $60.00 -  includes shipping

You are not required to purchase any products for a starter kit but it would be helpful to you if you had "tested" some of the products.

During the month of your birthday each year, you can place another starter kit order.  This will allow you another chance to receive product at a great price.

Party Kits


Each month, consultants can purchase 1 of each of the following kits.  The combination of the 2 should cover enough for 4-5 parties with approximately 10-15 customers.

Kit 1 - Goodies Kit

This kit is based on the top 10 sellers of our dry mixes.  It will change monthly as needed.  This kit will be direct shipped from our supplier.  The month of September it will include 1 each of: Pecan Pie Muffins, Crazy Crust Cobbler, Spunky Spinach Dip, Home-Style Dip, Cheesy Garlic Breadmaker Mix, Dilly Dip, Beer Bread (regular flavor), Raspberry Patch Bread, Jalapeno Ranch Dip and Strawberry Milkshake.  $32.00 includes shipping. 

Kit 2 - Drink Kit

This kit will include 10 perfect pots (5 straights, 5 flavored) of coffee and 2 10ct tea bags - all Kat's choice.  $20.50 includes shipping.  You can purchase catalogs with this order if needed, however you will need to add $1 for shipping

Yahoo Groups


You will be invited to the  KatsConsultants on yahoo groups upon receiving your payment to join. This is where all consultants can meet and learn from each other and answer each other's questions. You can find files of the catalog and helpful business tools to help your business grow.  We have a weekly chat to learn about upcoming changes, new items, network and get to know each other.  You will also be invited to the KatsChat  yahoo group.  This is a group to learn about each other, join our coupon train and advertise your other businesses on Saturdays.

Case Pack Pricing for Consultants


Consultants may purchase each product sold (with the exception of the chocolates) in a case pack for 40% commission.  If a product isn't sold by the case, any item that retails for $5 or less can be purchased in a pack of 12 and if it retails for $5.01 or more, in a pack of 6.  This is to help consultants stock up on samples for parties, prizes, personal use or to make a larger percentage on a future sale.

Repackaging Products


 All labels and packaging must be kept in tact and in the same condition as they are shipped from the manufacturer. If at any time the buyer elects to repackage, remove labels or deface labels in any way (the only exception is adding consultants personal info/website info to the product packaging) all product liability that the manufacturer bears is null and void. Kat's Coffees & More will not be held responsible in any way should repackaging or defacement of labels occur. It is the sole responsibility of the buyer to research and follow their local, state, and federal regulations pertaining to the packaging and labeling of food products.



Some consultants choose to create their own catalogs versus using the company provided catalogs.  These catalogs are not authorized and Kat's Coffees & More will not be held responsible for the misuse of graphics, pictures or any content.  Any discrepancy in prices will be at the creators expense.


Copyright 2006.  No part of this website may be reprinted without permission.