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If you would like to become a MunchkinMenus Independent Associate, please click here to fill out the associate agreement.

MunchkinMenus Independent Associate Program


How It Works

As an independent associate you will receive commissions for each MunchkinMenus ‘n More cookbook you sell or refer to MunchkinMenus that results in a sale.  There is no need to recruit other associates as you will not earn commissions from their sales.  On the 15th and 30th of each month, MunchkinMenus will pay your commissions via Paypal for the prior months sales. 



As an independent associate, you are not required to spend money promoting MunchkinMenus ‘n More.  There are free ways you can promote the book, and we encourage these methods.

1)     door to door sales

2)     personal sales – friends, relatives, etc

3)     Internet message boards & networks

4)     Free classifieds

5)     You may use the cookbook graphic on your existing site along with your associate ID and promotional text that links to

6)     Visit local daycares and preschools and ask to put the cookbook and business cards or fillers or lollipop tags in the office with your associate ID#

7)     Sell the MunchkinMenus ‘n More cookbook at your home party for your other business



Associates will receive $2.00 USD commission for each book sold.  Commissions will be paid via Paypal on the 15th and 30th of each month.  Sales from the 1st – the 15th will be paid on the 30th of that month and sales from the 16th – 31st will be paid on the 15th of the following month.


Cookbooks must be sold at $9.95 plus $3.85 shipping unless otherwise specified by special sales.  The cookbooks will be shipped by MunchkinMenus directly to the customer via priority mail, unless you have pre-purchased books from us and can personally deliver the books to the customers.  You may not charge any additional shipping charges so books may either be pre-purchased and shipped to you for hand delivery OR they can be purchased directly from MunchkinMenus using your associate ID# and shipped directly to the customer.



1)    Pre-Purchase

Associates have the option to pre-purchase any number of books from MunchkinMenus at a cost of $7.95 each plus $3.85 shipping.  The books will only be shipped to associates after payment is received.  MunchkinMenus accepts Paypal payments at, personal checks, or money orders.  Personal checks must clear before the books are shipped. You will then sell the books for $9.95 + $3.85 shipping (because MunchkinMenus shipped the books to you) and you will keep the entire amount ($12.95 received from the customer) because you have already paid MunchkinMenus.  Since you had to pay MunchkinMenus for shipping, you will have to charge customers with shipping even though you are hand-delivering these pre-purchased cookbooks.  You must email MunchkinMenus with your customer name, address, and email address for EVERY SALE.  We will not use their information in any way except to follow-up on the sale.


2)  Customer Direct

If you have not pre-purchased cookbooks then customers must pay MunchkinMenus directly via paypal at or by personal check or money order.  The payment address is listed in the Yahoo! group files. It must indicate your associate ID# somewhere on the check or money order or in the comments field via Paypal in order for you to receive commission.  In your promotions, instruct potential customers to put YOUR associate ID# into the comments field when on Paypal’s site.  Once customers pay using your ID# you will be notified of the sale via email.  Once payment has cleared, we will then ship the cookbook to the customer.


If you have a group or other organization interested in using MunchkinMenus ‘n More as a fundraising event, please direct the leader to and notify MunchkinMenus and we will negotiate the details.  Should the organization proceed with the fundraiser, you will receive $.25 per book commission the group sells.  We will periodically notify you of the fundraising activity as we receive information.



Starter Kits

You must purchase one of the starter kits listed below to join our referral rewards program. 


Starter Kit #1

MunchkinMenus ‘n More Cookbook

Associate ID#

Invitation to join the MunchkinMenus ‘n More Yahoo! Group


Starter Kit #2

3 MunchkinMenus ‘n More Cookbooks

Associate ID#

Invitation to join the MunchkinMenus ‘n More Yahoo! Group


Starter Kit #3

6 MunchkinMenus ‘n More Cookbooks

Associate ID#

Invitation to join the MunchkinMenus ‘n More Yahoo! Group


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